Marketing Your Fiction (Frugally)

Picture of Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Phyllis Zimbler Miller authors of Fiction MarketingWe’re authors Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Phyllis Zimbler Miller, and we originally created this website for our nonfiction book proposal for Marketing Your Fiction (Frugally).

Now we have morphed this site into directly helping other authors with their fiction marketing as we have both been doing this online for several years.

With the huge upswing in ebooks — and Amazon and other ebook retailers constantly and continually changing the opportunities for book authors — we want to share with you what we have been learning.

Check out the fiction marketing blog on this site and Phyllis’ book-related blog posts at and join Carolyn at her Sharing With Writers free online newsletter.

P.S. If you are an agent who represents nonfiction book authors and you think the book proposal for MARKETING YOUR FICTION (FRUGALLY) may interest you, check out our agent query.

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